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Which City of INDIA has most of the Financial Scammers ?

We have come across many news of financial scams happening in USA / Europe / China, But the latest survey by a leading researcher shows the since 2009 the no of scams and scam prototypes, have numerously increased in INDIA, which is a prime area of interest in ASIA, and which is counted as one of the most promising upcoming areas for International Investments.Most of the scams are done in the name of PPP and HYIP commonly known as High Yield Trading Exposed, and Private Placement Programmes.

The trouble in the name of PPP/HYIP became so high that one of the leading bank in INDIA had to put up on their website, officially that such prototypes are scams. Isn’t it a horrible incident ?

Most of the brokers claim to provide 200 % of the investments return in 45 days or 180 days. This is done by them in the name of PPP/HYIP. I have collected enormous examples . I will post the prototypes soon as to what are the symptoms of you getting cheated.

Until then lets me post you which cities in India are made victim from such scams.

1) Bombay.

2) Chennai.

3) Hyderabad.

4) Delhi.

5) Banglore.

I have attached a poll kindly contribute by providing your views.


Useful links from USA Government against HYIP and PPP.

Dear Readers,

I am positing below few important links which are officially put forward by US government to enlighten businessmen and common masses from being victim to High Yield Programmes and so called fake PPP.

I hope this documents provides you with working information how to be protected against financial scams.



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