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This guy Ridley Robert claims to arrange loans from HNI’s and corporates against seeking advances from borrowers upfront to a tune of 100K in the name of DD fees.  Its a pottential scam and supposed to deliverately fool people. He uses a company in Hong Kong to collect the upfront fee .

ACCOUNT NO.:614010700838

LOAN AGREEMENT.  He shall make you fill up this long and tedious pathetic self drafted aggrement which is in the name of other company.

Borrowers kindly stay away form this person. his email id is




This could be latest upcoming scam . Investors be alert.

CASH FUNDS (unrestricted) of at least 100M USD/Euro on deposit in Top Banks, in acceptable countries/jurisdictions (Most European, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.), are accepted for Private Placement, with no Swifts, and in most cases no formal blocking required. Funds are NOT required to move. Tier One. I am DIRECT. Contact me with specifics of what you have, what bank the funds are in, and in what country, for further discussion.
— Kevin Strunk
    CEO, Pacific investment group.
Incase you find this is not scam, provide evidence that what you are promissing is not scam.

What the latest trend of Scammers in Financial Industry ?

Most of the scammers are aware that the old school, principles of asking people KYC or NCNDA etc which includes their banking details and information, are not supportive to assist any one of them to grab a penny from the investors pocket…….

Now the latest sync which they have grabbed on is… to assist people on Mortgage loans and assist in forming SPV ( special purpose vehicle ) for assisting the borrowers to get loans even without bad credit history…

What normally happens is the borrowers who is searching loans online or seeking HNI connections for raising funds, falls in trap of these penny scammers, and end up giving thousand dollar funds in false dream of creating a offshore company to seek funding from HNIS ( as committed by the scammers ).

Once they end up paying a high fee, and when they don’t get any returns, there comes the eye opener… for the borrower who was seeking investments …

So choose wisely which route you need to raise funds for your goals..

All I can say is there are no short cuts in financial industry… specially in financial industry.

Blocked Funds, Administrative Hold and the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a wonderful myth of childhood. Children would place their tooth under their pillow and wake up excitedly the following morning to find a shiny coin under their pillow; this is a childhood joy many of us experienced. Alas, the sad reality is there is no Tooth Fairy; the money came from mom and pop’s pockets.
There is no free money in life.

Blocked funds and administrative hold reside in the same mythical village as the Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny. Let’s imagine you wish to buy a rare automobile. You are lucky enough find a 1967 Ferrari P4, you are indeed very fortunate, and the seller tells you there are two other wealthy potential buyers. He
wants a deposit of 10 percent to hold the car for you. You tell him that’s not a problem; I have been searching worldwide for years for such a car here is my check.The dealer deposits your check in his account only to be told by his bank it is not good funds. What! It was written on funds in a blocked account. But not a problem
for the dealer, he simply sells the car to one of the other buyers with real money.Your blocked funds could not facilitate a transaction and your P4 belongs to a buyer operating in the real world.

The trading of real financial instruments in Private Placement Memorandums, such as CMO’s, Treasury Bonds, Securities, MTN’s, CD’s, Commodities and Currencies, is no different than the example of the rare car purchase. Sellers of securities want to be paid in cash. Platform trading relies on the ebb and flow of billions of dollars every day.

Trading platforms also rely on heavy utilization of leverage to generate high returns. Leverage in turn is dependent on margin utilization. To see how margin works let’s take an example most people are familiar with, buying real estate. If you buy a house for $100, 000 and you pay a down payment, let’s say 10 %, you
pay $10,000 cash and a bank lends you the balance. You are controlling a $100,000 investment with $10, 000. This is leverage. You have significantly leveraged your $10,000. In fact your leverage is 10 to 1 or 10x. If the house was to double in price, you have made a $100,000 on your investment. Of course you have to deduct expenses,although still a nice return. The $10,000 you put down on the house was a cash payment.

Think about it. When have you made a down payment, paid a utility bill, paid taxes or paid for anything with blocked funds? When a trade platform places a trade, they use a deposit called margin. Let’s say a trader wants to buy 1,000,000 shares of stock and that stock, XYZ stock, is trading at $50 a share. He is going to utilize leverage by buying on margin. Margin in the U.S. is set by the Federal Reserve at 50% under
Regulation T.The trader draws $25,000,000 from the customer’s segregated funds account at the broker dealer through which he is executing and the broker/dealer pays the seller through an exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Chicago mercantile Exchange the London Stock Exchange or an Over the Counter Exchange. The broker/dealer lends him the other $25,000,000 and charges him an interest rate called the broker loan rate.

Now let’s say the investors in this particular trade platform have all invested with blocked funds or funds on administrative hold. The institution that sold your trader $50,000,000 of XYZ stock wants to be paid. If they don’t get paid in cash your trader gets no stock !!!


Financial Instruments Trading AKA HYIP sometimes !!!

Primarily let me clear the floating rumour around the financial markets that HYIP(High Yield Investment Programme) is a total scam protocol !! Whereas the reality is its not actually the way its shown. HYIP ( High Yield Investment Programme ) does basically exist for over several years and will continue in the future also. But whats exactly existing in real HYIP is the simple working protocol, that is  an investors or a group of investors combine together and collaborate with a Good Fund Manager, Yes I repeat a good fund manager!! Definition of a Good Fund Manager is as simple, who is well experienced, knows how the financial markets react in different situations, and know how to place RISK TO REWARD RATIO in a particular financial market! That can be any financial instrument such as FOREX, BONDS, MTN, TREASURY BONDS, STOCKS, and MUTUAL FUNDS etc. A Good Fund Manager will have his past track record duly audited from a good Financial Auditor, such as KPMG, PWC, etc….

What basically the fund manager does is draws down a financial target to meet up a profit goal, derived from trading any of the above listed financial instruments, over a period of time. The quantity of trading in terms of volumes of trading is bit high, due to which two points are most common to happen, one is the profit ratio will be very high and other point is if the trade is not performing as per the correct direction, the risk will be also high, but that’s where a good fund manager comes to play. Fund Managers due to his long lasting financial history and market experience knows which tide will take him upwards and which tide may sink him down, so accordingly he manages the funds and allocates the volumes per trade!!  This is the correct picture of a existing successful model of a performing HYIP.

Now lets come down to non performing or Pseudo HYIP AKA SCAMS ones.

Most of the times to lure investors and pool up large funds, few similar minded people with negative mentality goof up around with bunch of marketing professionals, who are masters in convincing people around !! This is the initialization of the HYIP step one. Lemme repeat what is HYIP, High Yield Investment Programme. But here the real scenarios are a lot different, these people do really trade good for some time to win the confidence, of the investors to pool up more funds from the investors end and once the investor pours all in as per the pooling campaign goal, only two things have happened in the past ! Either the so called fund managers working with the marketing professionals, disappear with total funds, by just a single black out window and will shut down their website overnight ! Or the so called fund managers will post the most common message, “INVESTMENTS ARE SUBJECTED TO MARKET RISK “ , and will show out a good reason which will cover that their trade which they had opened went in the wrong direction due to some of the reasons which shall be one of the following ( Central Bank Policy Change, Central Bank Intervention, Market Crash due to Economic News, etc ). And the investor believes that what can the trader do, its the Central Bank policy which altered the trade !!! This is one of the most common successful gimmick played over by Fake HYIP runners in the markets !!!

I hope this article provides good insights of staying away from Fake HYIPs !!!

HYIP Website SCAMS !!

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