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Leased Instruments Explained!!

Whenever the word LEASED strikes out mind only one thing should come up, that is leased instrument means that cannot be owned, or claimed! but just opposite happens,  most of the crowd runs behind day and night searching for leased instruments for credit line enhancement. Let me share most of the instruments in demand.

1)      SBLC for lease

2)      Bank Guarantee for lease.

3)      LC for lease.

4)      100 % cash backed BG for lease.

5)      Gold Backed BG for Lease.

And much more……………………………………..


But do you think that, the owners of the instrument will really risk their 100 % equity/collateral which they have deposited in the bank to get the instrument or the line of credit  just for sake of earning 10% to 12% … which you are willing to give them..

Think about it readers do think about it !!!

Its nothing more than a cob web played around by the joker brookers to earn their 1 % commission, which is generated out of the 12 % or xx% that you pay to seek the instrument. After you even get the instrument bank will only consider it a tissue paper, then why pay 12 % for a Tissue Paper !!!!

Moral of the story , is even you are getting such instruments, for lease, do not fall pray to them, LEASED is something that cannot be owned !!! Its a simple. So how can you expect banks to advance you funds against something that’s not yours ?

Stay Safe Financially by being away from such offers !!!




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