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Which City of INDIA has most of the Financial Scammers ?

We have come across many news of financial scams happening in USA / Europe / China, But the latest survey by a leading researcher shows the since 2009 the no of scams and scam prototypes, have numerously increased in INDIA, which is a prime area of interest in ASIA, and which is counted as one of the most promising upcoming areas for International Investments.Most of the scams are done in the name of PPP and HYIP commonly known as High Yield Trading Exposed, and Private Placement Programmes.

The trouble in the name of PPP/HYIP became so high that one of the leading bank in INDIA had to put up on their website, officially that such prototypes are scams. Isn’t it a horrible incident ?

Most of the brokers claim to provide 200 % of the investments return in 45 days or 180 days. This is done by them in the name of PPP/HYIP. I have collected enormous examples . I will post the prototypes soon as to what are the symptoms of you getting cheated.

Until then lets me post you which cities in India are made victim from such scams.

1) Bombay.

2) Chennai.

3) Hyderabad.

4) Delhi.

5) Banglore.

I have attached a poll kindly contribute by providing your views.


Bond Trading aka another hoax

Dear Friends,
Now coming to the new agenda of news wavering in the financial markets related to BOND traders aka Chinese Bond Traders aka Vietname bonds etc etc, all the bonds do exist and are well traded on the regulated or non regulated exchanges between the traders ( can be private or institutional or retail ), but not the way they are show on the bogus advertisements on by the fake traders. I do not intend to criticize anyone but I intend to show be honest with the people who have wealth or who intend to make wealth and who are constantly in search of such wealth generation opportunities.

If real opportunities exist then provide the credentials of the business opportunities ! this is my appeal to the financial consultants, and the HYIP traders !.

But make a strong note, Investors should not advance any personal or corporate document, which has their financial status disclosed, to the online so called traders asking them to fill the 11 page hefty compliance documentation. Its bogus. None requires it !!! Anyone who asks so is fake, bogus, and a joker broker.

Any bond trader who is advertising on any forum or free floating forum, make sure you post the authentic information or atleat declare a official advertisement from a regualted trading house providing the same informtion duly certified.

As if you do not provide such information, then its only termed as SCAM effort.

Anyone with IQ over 50 KNOWS that HYIP/PPP is just another SCAM

Who are so called people who name then as PPP trade consultants.

Dear Readers,

                                 Those people specially on LinkedIn or Facebook who name them as PPP trading consultant, or direct to bank platform consultant or who use several other synonyms related to trading with high yield are nothing but misguided missiles. Yes I mean it !!! Some of them commonly use to attract clients by using names such as Federal reserve approved trade platform, or some say ECB program me to balance the financial world, but its like the story of Hansel and Gratel ( the witch hunters) !! 

One spot example is more than enough to show the underlying fact of the decayed concept. We all know that USA is suffering from a serious of financial meltdowns, now when a common broker on a social media site can access the hyip so called programme  here in he commits 100 % in 7 days or 45 days 400 % returns can’t the federal reserve self trade some funds to earn hard cash in open markets to support the draw downs of funds ! And when u say this the brokers will say financial institutions can only support such programme but cannot participate, which is another tom and Jerry story. So guys stay away from HYIP teasers on the social media specially relating to high profits in low time frames. Every thing that exists is visible, there is not hidden programme which exists !

What exist is only trading over the counter in markets which we commonly know as FOREX markets !!!!

I wish my article gives you some basic limelight.



Blocked Funds Investments: How They Really Work

Perhaps the single most widely misunderstood term in the world of High-Performance Private Placement Programs and Trade Platforms is “Blocked Funds”.The nomenclature was incorrectly renamed by brokers and intermediaries as a spinoff,derived from the phrase “Segregated Account”. There are many myths about blocked funds and its aliases, “Reserved Funds” and “Administrative Holds”, which this white paper will clarify.

First let’s understand the origin of segregated accounts. The Segregated Account is unique to the trading industry. It is a third party fiduciary account structure established at a highly regulated clearing institution, bank or broker/dealer which acts much like a custodian. The segregated account is designed to prevent the trader from being able to directly manipulate or liquidate the client’s capital and it also protects investors from fraud.

Speaking of fraud, let’s disclaim a common misconception about Blocked Funds,Reserved Funds, and Administrative Holds. Investments involving Segregated Accounts, Blocked Funds, Reserved Funds or Administrative Holds are commonly claimed by uninformed parties to be entirely free from risk; in other words a client cannot lose their money in the investment. This could not be any further from the  truth. Investments using segregated accounts are not exempt from investment or market related risk. Segregated accounts minimize risk of misappropriation by the traders and should be considered more like a system of checks and balances.Segregated Accounts are a function of government-mandated account segregation and regulatory necessity and for various types of trading; however they are also carried out in different manners.
Individual Trader Strategies

Retail Marketplace:

The client that invests directly with an individual trader is traditionally participating in amanaged account, an investment on retail side of the market normally done at less than institutional levels. The client opens their segregated account at a regulated clearing institution,bank or broker/dealer; it is advisable that the segregated accounts are opened with a larger clearing institution, bank or broker/dealer who does not
have significant conflicts of interest with the traders. When investing directly in an individual managed account with a trader, the trader has the ability to make trades, buy or sell on behalf of the client’s account with a LPOA (“Limited Power of Attorney”). The applicable clearing institution, bank or broker/dealer clears
and executes the transactions; profits and losses are booked, marked to market, on a daily basis. It is true an investor could allocate some or all of their capital to an individual trader and open up a direct segregated account with a clearing institution, bank or broker/dealer that can clear and execute the trades. However, investors who concentrate their entire investment with a single trader should only use risk capital with which they can easily part. While allocating to individual traders is quite commonplace in retail investment industry practice, this could be the riskiest of strategies in an already risky investment, in this author’s opinion.

Multi-Trader Strategies

Institutional Marketplace:
A more balanced option for qualified investors might be an Institutional Private Placement Program or Multi-Strategy Trade Platform and its associated limited liability investor protection. Investors in highly-regulated Institutional Private Placement Programs and Trade Platforms can typically allocate capital at a minimum ranging between Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) and Five Hundred Thousand Dollars
($500,000.00) to obtain trader diversification that would be equal to a direct investment of several million. However, just like in all investing, there are risk rewards and payoffs. Allocating capital to Private Placement Programs or Trade Platforms allows managers to diversify the client’s allocations, on a weighted basis, to a number of traders which are trading in a spectrum of markets to maximize the potential for high performance and minimize downside deviation. The primary structural difference in a Private Placement Program over an Individually Managed Account, outside of the diversification and potential performance, is that instead of the client, the Trade Platform or Private Placement Program opens the segregated accounts at a regulated clearing institution, bank or broker/dealer. In Institutional Private Placement Programs and Multi-Strategy Trade Platforms, the trader has the ability to make trades on behalf of the Private Placement Program’s or Trade Platform’s account with a LPOA (“Limited Power of Attorney”). The applicable clearing institution, bank or broker/dealer clears and executes the transactions; profits and losses are booked, marked to market, on a daily basis.

Blocked Funds

The bottom line is that the definition of “Blocked Funds” in this industry is actually referring to a “Segregated Account”; all managed accounts, Private Placement Trading Programs and Trade Platforms use Segregated Accounts” as they are a government required structure. The “Blocked Funds” in this “Segregated Account” are actually at full risk in the investment. The funds are actually and simply being blocked for the use of the investment and cannot remain in a personal account for such use. They must be placed into a “Segregated Account” specifically for the use of the investment and the entire amount is at risk in that investment.

Useful links from USA Government against HYIP and PPP.

Dear Readers,

I am positing below few important links which are officially put forward by US government to enlighten businessmen and common masses from being victim to High Yield Programmes and so called fake PPP.

I hope this documents provides you with working information how to be protected against financial scams.

Financial Instruments Trading AKA HYIP sometimes !!!

Primarily let me clear the floating rumour around the financial markets that HYIP(High Yield Investment Programme) is a total scam protocol !! Whereas the reality is its not actually the way its shown. HYIP ( High Yield Investment Programme ) does basically exist for over several years and will continue in the future also. But whats exactly existing in real HYIP is the simple working protocol, that is  an investors or a group of investors combine together and collaborate with a Good Fund Manager, Yes I repeat a good fund manager!! Definition of a Good Fund Manager is as simple, who is well experienced, knows how the financial markets react in different situations, and know how to place RISK TO REWARD RATIO in a particular financial market! That can be any financial instrument such as FOREX, BONDS, MTN, TREASURY BONDS, STOCKS, and MUTUAL FUNDS etc. A Good Fund Manager will have his past track record duly audited from a good Financial Auditor, such as KPMG, PWC, etc….

What basically the fund manager does is draws down a financial target to meet up a profit goal, derived from trading any of the above listed financial instruments, over a period of time. The quantity of trading in terms of volumes of trading is bit high, due to which two points are most common to happen, one is the profit ratio will be very high and other point is if the trade is not performing as per the correct direction, the risk will be also high, but that’s where a good fund manager comes to play. Fund Managers due to his long lasting financial history and market experience knows which tide will take him upwards and which tide may sink him down, so accordingly he manages the funds and allocates the volumes per trade!!  This is the correct picture of a existing successful model of a performing HYIP.

Now lets come down to non performing or Pseudo HYIP AKA SCAMS ones.

Most of the times to lure investors and pool up large funds, few similar minded people with negative mentality goof up around with bunch of marketing professionals, who are masters in convincing people around !! This is the initialization of the HYIP step one. Lemme repeat what is HYIP, High Yield Investment Programme. But here the real scenarios are a lot different, these people do really trade good for some time to win the confidence, of the investors to pool up more funds from the investors end and once the investor pours all in as per the pooling campaign goal, only two things have happened in the past ! Either the so called fund managers working with the marketing professionals, disappear with total funds, by just a single black out window and will shut down their website overnight ! Or the so called fund managers will post the most common message, “INVESTMENTS ARE SUBJECTED TO MARKET RISK “ , and will show out a good reason which will cover that their trade which they had opened went in the wrong direction due to some of the reasons which shall be one of the following ( Central Bank Policy Change, Central Bank Intervention, Market Crash due to Economic News, etc ). And the investor believes that what can the trader do, its the Central Bank policy which altered the trade !!! This is one of the most common successful gimmick played over by Fake HYIP runners in the markets !!!

I hope this article provides good insights of staying away from Fake HYIPs !!!

HYIP Website SCAMS !!

Website List form 0 – 9

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