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Bitcoin Private Finally Listed on HitBTC

The virtual currency born from a fork of Bitcoin (BTC) and ZClassic (ZCL), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), has been listed on HitBTC. The information is very important for the BTCP community that has been working very hard in order to spread the knowledge about Bitcoin Private.

Bitcoin private Listed on HitBTC

Good news for the Bitcoin Private community that now will be able to trade their favourite virtual currency on HitBTC. HitBTC is the 12th most important virtual currency exchange in the market with a trading volume of $344.84 million dollars. The most important trading pairs are BCH/BTC, BTC/USDT, and ETH/BTC, accounting for almost 50% of the total trading volume of the exchange.

The announcement has been made by HitBTC on Twitter on May the 3rd.

At the same time, HitBTC made an interview with the team of BTCP, which has been published on HitBTC’s blog shortly after the announcement of the listing.

Bitcoin Private’s team said:

“What sets Bitcoin Private aside from other Bitcoin forks is that it is the first to bring mathematically provable privacy technology to the Bitcoin community. Another big differentiator when compared to other Bitcoin forks that is often times overlooked is that of the open source development community itself. The BTCP team has by far the most active development team among any of the Bitcoin forks, and in just under 60 days after the mainnet launch it has already proven to be the only Bitcoin fork dedicated to bringing the best privacy technology to a mainstream adoption level.”

Bitcoin private is a privacy-focused bitcoin it’s a fork of ZClassic (ZCL), combining the Unspent Transaction Output (UXTO) of ZCL, with that of Bitcoin (BTC). The snapshot of both ZClassic and Bitcoin blockchain was taken on February the 28th and holders of each virtual currency were eligible for Bitcoin Private (BTCP) cryptocurrencies at a 1:1 ratio.

The tweet reads as follows:

“Bitcoin private ($BTCP), a community-driven BTC/ZCL fork consisting of over 150 contributors, is now listed on #HitBTC. We would like to thank all the $BTCP community for your support, vigilance and team spirit. Trade $BTCP:…


Which City of INDIA has most of the Financial Scammers ?

We have come across many news of financial scams happening in USA / Europe / China, But the latest survey by a leading researcher shows the since 2009 the no of scams and scam prototypes, have numerously increased in INDIA, which is a prime area of interest in ASIA, and which is counted as one of the most promising upcoming areas for International Investments.Most of the scams are done in the name of PPP and HYIP commonly known as High Yield Trading Exposed, and Private Placement Programmes.

The trouble in the name of PPP/HYIP became so high that one of the leading bank in INDIA had to put up on their website, officially that such prototypes are scams. Isn’t it a horrible incident ?

Most of the brokers claim to provide 200 % of the investments return in 45 days or 180 days. This is done by them in the name of PPP/HYIP. I have collected enormous examples . I will post the prototypes soon as to what are the symptoms of you getting cheated.

Until then lets me post you which cities in India are made victim from such scams.

1) Bombay.

2) Chennai.

3) Hyderabad.

4) Delhi.

5) Banglore.

I have attached a poll kindly contribute by providing your views.



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