Just Ignore Its Useless !!

Below we are listing few of the most famous patterns and processes in which cunning brokers use to lure Businessmen who are insearch of collateral or Business Expansion !!

Special Note :- We are issuing this data in Public Interest !!!!


( Note Business Men, you all can never secure funds against leased BG’s or SBLC’s….            Just imagine, how can some one allow you to borrow funds against his collateral that too at a cheap fee of 14 % per annum… Isn’t it shocking !!!! Yes but the credit goes to the Deal Maker, the sharp and cunning Brookers…. who lure you with high ending dreams and kill your common sense !!!  )

2) Proof of Funds !!!

This is another plot played by scammer’s to snatch your earnings !! Kindly note, Proof of funds is useless product, offered by various     brookers. Again think, how can some one lease you his real funds for sake of 6% to 8 % per annum !!!

3) HYIP Trading used to Fund projects !!!

Investors are asked to pay a premium of range bound fee of 5 % to 10 % of their project size into the accounts of  FUNDING COMPANY.. and in return the promise is made to fund the project phase wise. Imagine when a funding company can self fund any project on the basis of just 10% of total cost size, why does the company need you. then can self create a billion dollar fund by just pumping a Million!!!! isnt it ? Just think over it !!!

Will keep posed lots of stuff !!!



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