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Why The Crypto World is in PANIC ?

The first and foremost reason is all around the world REGULATORS are motivated in full swing to draw down protocols and regulations to regulated the so far currently volatility driven crypto currency markets.

Primarily one has to understand that once any commodity/ Currency/ or unregulated market is at the brink of getting regulated, the panic of loosing the substantial growth and autonomous growth is seen to come at hault, for some short duration, and this is where the common masses begin to panic. CRYPTO markets are not the first markets which has seen such panic and red Flags. Several years before FOREX markets used to suffer the same.

But the major panic wave was driven after china pressed the crypto ban button all of sudden.

So the falling prices do not mean that the crypto currency evolution is going to take a down turn but its the beginning of price correction and systematic market functioning.

So let the news play its own saga, BUT INVESTORS & ENTREPRENEURS need to stick to their self decided and self derived estimated and evaluations and workout their logics keeping the market discounting news of falling prices and crashing crypto-currencies.



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