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Bond Trading aka another hoax

Dear Friends,
Now coming to the new agenda of news wavering in the financial markets related to BOND traders aka Chinese Bond Traders aka Vietname bonds etc etc, all the bonds do exist and are well traded on the regulated or non regulated exchanges between the traders ( can be private or institutional or retail ), but not the way they are show on the bogus advertisements on by the fake traders. I do not intend to criticize anyone but I intend to show be honest with the people who have wealth or who intend to make wealth and who are constantly in search of such wealth generation opportunities.

If real opportunities exist then provide the credentials of the business opportunities ! this is my appeal to the financial consultants, and the HYIP traders !.

But make a strong note, Investors should not advance any personal or corporate document, which has their financial status disclosed, to the online so called traders asking them to fill the 11 page hefty compliance documentation. Its bogus. None requires it !!! Anyone who asks so is fake, bogus, and a joker broker.

Any bond trader who is advertising on any forum or free floating forum, make sure you post the authentic information or atleat declare a official advertisement from a regualted trading house providing the same informtion duly certified.

As if you do not provide such information, then its only termed as SCAM effort.

Anyone with IQ over 50 KNOWS that HYIP/PPP is just another SCAM



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