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Who are so called people who name then as PPP trade consultants.

Dear Readers,

                                 Those people specially on LinkedIn or Facebook who name them as PPP trading consultant, or direct to bank platform consultant or who use several other synonyms related to trading with high yield are nothing but misguided missiles. Yes I mean it !!! Some of them commonly use to attract clients by using names such as Federal reserve approved trade platform, or some say ECB program me to balance the financial world, but its like the story of Hansel and Gratel ( the witch hunters) !! 

One spot example is more than enough to show the underlying fact of the decayed concept. We all know that USA is suffering from a serious of financial meltdowns, now when a common broker on a social media site can access the hyip so called programme  here in he commits 100 % in 7 days or 45 days 400 % returns can’t the federal reserve self trade some funds to earn hard cash in open markets to support the draw downs of funds ! And when u say this the brokers will say financial institutions can only support such programme but cannot participate, which is another tom and Jerry story. So guys stay away from HYIP teasers on the social media specially relating to high profits in low time frames. Every thing that exists is visible, there is not hidden programme which exists !

What exist is only trading over the counter in markets which we commonly know as FOREX markets !!!!

I wish my article gives you some basic limelight.





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