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What Exactly is HYIP ???

The first thing which we come to hear in today’s market is HYIP when we usually talk about Wealth Creation !!!!

But when we try to get some deep into HYIP, we get piles of other terminologies( Investment Management, Portfolio Management Services, Hedge Funds, Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), MTN, LTN, T-Bills, CMO, etc etc….) which is being told that its HYIP includes all such bla bla bla..

In reality, HYIP means a lot different !!! Its as simple as it goes, HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT Programme !!

Our teams extensive and wild research over the past and ongoing  markets trends related to the PPP and related issues, we have found that only 11 % of the Investors find real gateway of PPP.

To sum up and make a simple explanation what HYIP is :-
Its a Programme designed by Expert Traders and  Analysts of Financial Markets, who are well experienced, in Financial Operations. Normally Traders and Analysts work together to meet a pre-decided goal in coming fiscal years. Its as simple as our normal day to day routine Business.

The Traders and Analysts, may design any sort of  Programme based on their planning and goals, which fulfills the basic need of the Investors and Motto of the Investment Management Teams. In short Private Placement Programme, is a basic business plan derived by the analysts who constantly monitor the Financial Markets,  with collaboration with Traders.

The most important and significant points about PPP, is  normally traders have segregated portfolios to manage the investments of the investor or firm involved in Wealth Building in the following Financial Markets, which are non-centralized.


B) BONDS TRADING, which are normally government backed.

C) Commodity Markets. (  Platinum, and Gold are the most commonly traded commodities ).

All the above listed Markets are non-centralized and henceforth the Traders have the opportunity to trade 24 hours over 5 days a week, which generates ample opportunity to  generate profits.

Kindly Note :- Investments in NON-Centralized Markets, involves a high degree of risk to your money.Before investing in the NON-Centralized Markets, you should be well aware of the risks involved due to the fluctuations in the value of such currencies, commodities prices,  which can cause fluctuations in the value of your investments. Do not INVEST funds you cannot afford to loose !!!!





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  1. Good Start.. continue to keep posting.. we are following up..

    Posted by Ronald Jacob | April 6, 2012, 5:51 am

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